Last Updated: November 22, 2012

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Things that don't need a spot in the left navigation menu fit into this page.

  • The Pale Blue Dot (Carl Sagan)
  • The image you seen as the top banner on every page is a panorama taken with four pictures. The picture was taken by me at Woods Canyon Lake in Arizona in 2009 and the images were stitched together using a software called Autostitch.
  • PHD Comics : An online comic strip about the trials and tribulations of graduate student life in the US. Scarily accurate in most cases.
  • Texas A&M has a brand guide- visit them for logo/color rules and regulations and some good templates. visit
  • Trivia: There is/was a Linux distribution created many years ago called TAMULinux.
  • This perl script prints my name ''=~('(?{'.('+,@@_}'^'[^).+]').'"'.('}_@[@@}-@(!@_'^'.*.>),]`/@@.}').',$/})')

Where is Texas A & M and College Station? If you have ever wondered about this, wonder no more, I've drawn a map to explain this. Click the link above.